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  1. You’d regret it in the morning
  2. Your pets would have nowhere to go
  3. Clothes that you put out on the line smell like the sun. Isn’t that brilliant?
  4. Your room isn’t clean
  5. You’d never live in your own place?
  6. Your friends might blame themselves
  7. You’ve never have any of those experiences you’ve wanted to have. You’d never go to France or meet that internet friend or taste that hot chocolate.
  8. You could go on a long walk, instead
  9. The feeling of rain brushing your cheeks
  10. The colour of paint splashing onto a canvas
  11. Really beautiful people really exist in this world right this very second. Meeting someone is like winning a lottery— there are seven billion people on this planet, right this very second. Your chances of meeting that specific one is one in seven billion. And there are lots of people that you haven’t met and many, many more that haven’t had the wonderful opportunity to meet you.
  12. You are important
  13. One day you will live individually
  14. There is no need for another gravestone for another person to cry over
  15. Some people might hate you but by others you are so, so loved
  16. So many people have given up so much just to make you happy.
  17. Life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good don’t always soften the bad, but vice versa; the bad things don’t necessarily spoil the good things, or make them unimportant.
  18. The greatest books of our time put such value on life, the greatest literature shows just how important it is, and you’re going to take it away?
  19. There is always hope.  Even if you can’t hope for yourself, someone does.
  20. This is number twenty on a list of reasons not to kill yourself, there are more than enough
  21. You may be looking for a particular reason that stands out but there isn’t one, so remind yourself that you are so, so important and it will only be a while until you’re happy again
  22. The sound of your friends laughing
  23. The sight of your friends smiling
  24. The scent of your friends when they hug you
  25. Even if there is a terrible side of you, a horrible side, at the moment your friends see your good side better than you do, and they care about you so much because of that and you will never be able to get them to believe you’re bad in a single suicide letter.
  26. Maybe you don’t belong to a group or a clique, maybe they chose you last for basketball or for everything, but we’re graduated kids from the world of we made it, and that is what makes us strong
  27. Remember how sad you feel for those that have already committed suicide, realise how many times you’ve ever thought “you deserved it” about someone that killed themselves, realise that nobody will EVER think that about you, either
  28. You might never see these people again, the people that made you sad to begin with. After a couple days, or maybe a couple years, you will forget about them, and they will be nothing. 
  29. Breathe. Take a second to just close your eyes, or maybe look at a watch if that helps. Six seconds in. Four seconds out.
  30. Darjeeling tea.  Chamomile tea. Tea. Things you like.
  31. There’s always work to do but you are so capable of doing it
  32. All the things you ever thought “oh, I might like to do ___” about
  33. You have never deserved to be hated
  34. There are people that understand
  35. There are people that want you to be happy and think you deserve to be
  36. People are beautiful, just so, so beautiful, such beautiful creations, beautiful THINGS
  37. You’re going to be free one day. Just hang on a couple more years. You’ll see.
  38. Why should people be able to claim your life as well as your happiness?
  39. Use your emotions right now to write something. Anything.
  40. You don’t “deserve” to be hated or disliked or treated badly. By anybody, including yourself.  
  41. There will never be another you. Not ever. Not once, not even a part of you will be in someone else. You are entirely and utterly unique and thousands of stars have exploded and reformed and exploded again just in the process of making you, creating you, over so many, many millions of years. Don’t throw that away.
  42. It’s ridiculous to think that negative opinions from people that hate you are worth any more than positive ones from the people that love you and care about you. I think we both know which ones are more trustworthy here, don’t you?
  43. You deserve to be happy and you need to be. Don’t listen to anybody that puts you down.  And yes, that includes yourself.
  44. You are good enough.
  45. You will always be good enough.
  46. You have no obligation to hang around or be around anyone that makes you or lets you forget how brilliant you are. They are toxic. Leave them. Even if they’re “nice people”, really.
  47. Imagine never getting to smile again. Never having that one thing that makes you kind of almost happy. You’d never get to see it again. Not ever. Not once.
  48. You do not have to be anyone other than yourself. If there is somebody that makes you feel like you do, don’t worry; you cannot change you, and they cannot change you, and you are too strong to break. Do not change. You are brilliant.
  49. The world isn’t black or white. It’s not “get 100% or fail”. It’s not “date only them or be rejected forever”. It’s not black and white. Do not let your mind fool you into thinking it is. There is good in you; focus on that.
  50. I believe in you. And there is always, always something to live for.

Fifty whole reasons. Fifty. D’you see that? Fifty.

Don’t you dare.

You’ve got to fight it. Even if you’re tired, you’ve got to fight it. Because I know you can win. I’ve seen it. And it gets better. Trust me – believe me, really, I honestly know. Life can’t be sad forever—if it could, nobody would be living. 

For me and everyone feeling like me right now